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Van Hollen: More Concealed Carry Requirements Coming

Written By: Dudley Brown  |  Posted: Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

            On Monday, Attorney General Van Hollen was forced to defend his anti-gun actions before the Joint Committee for Review of Administration Rules.  The committee voted to strike down Van Hollen's "rule" requiring four hours of training.

            However, I'm afraid Attorney General Van Hollen isn't finished with his assault on your right to carry.
            You see, during the hearing Van Hollen made this chilling statement:
            "The final rule even has more requirements... I am not prepared to lay all of them out..."
            Despite being rebuked by the Joint Committee for making up his own "rules", Attorney General Van Hollen clearly isn't finished trying to make it hard for your to get a CCW permit.  He's going to write more "rules", but doesn't want the blow-back from gun owners or the Joint Committee for Review of Administration Rules.
            Gun owners like you and I must keep the heat on Van Hollen.
            Here's what you can do to help:
            Give Attorney General Van Hollen an earful at (608) 266-1221.  Let Van Hollen know that it isn't his job to rewrite legislation.  Tell him to stop jerking around with Wisconsin's permit system.
            Tell him gun owners won't forget this attack on their self-defense rights when the next election rolls around.
            Dudley Brown is the Executive Director of the National Association for Gunrights, www.nationalgunrights.org

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