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Homeschooling: A Hope for America

Written By: Carl Watner  |  Posted: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

            In his foreword, John Taylor Gatto, the New York City Teacher of the Year from 1989 through 1991, raises the following question: "What would happen if we let the imagination and energy of the young free again-as it was in Ben Franklin's day-free to add value directly to the world around them as the young did when America was coherent? . . . What if they were taught the truth of things instead of having their heads filled with sound bites? What if they learned hard skills instead of 'subjects'?" Reaching back in time is reaching forward in American educational, economic, and civic value, Gatto argues. To get back what has largely been lost or left behind, we must abandon the ongoing "trophy" approach to schooling, along with its anti-entrepreneurial, feel-good leveling effects.

            Government schools have failed. They are in any case not designed to deliver authentic education. If we are sincere about regaining coherence and preserving our free society, we must arise from complacency and train young people not in "subjects," but rather in lessons of personal integrity, self-responsibility, and self-control. Homeschooling is the best means of achieving that objective, and Carl Watner's book Homeschooling: A Hope For America offers a collection of essays, analyses, and perspectives on education inside and outside of government-run schools. The book serves as a broad introduction to an array of freedom-oriented education topics and provides an interesting and valuable section of references. Readers will find discussions appropriate for new homeschooling families; for those considering homeschooling but who need some history, a rationale, or a track record to present to skeptical friends and family; and for seasoned homeschoolers as well.

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