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Kathy Bernier Runs for Assembly

Written By: Travis Buhler  |  Posted: Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Kathy Bernier has challenged Kristen Dexter for the 68th Assembly seat. Her desire is to rollback government from overspending and from too much control over our lives.
As Chippewa County Clerk, an office she has held for eleven years, she has seen the problems with the state overspending. "The government over-funds things and then pulls the funding back after a couple budget cycles." This leaves the burden to pay for state mandates on the local governments, which means higher property taxes. She cited many examples like School funding, and human services.
Bernier says, "I think our government has become controlling in every aspect of our lives and we've become dependent on government to control our lives." She hopes that by cutting back more and more, local communities will rise up and people will start to take personal responsibility to take care of each other.
How far would she like to go in cutting government welfare? "I am not so right-wing that I don't think we need welfare; we need a safety net. People shouldn't starve." She explained her own experiences of her and her family needing welfare for three months before they got back on their feet. "I appreciate that safety net, " she says.
One area that she would like to see the government get out of is comprehensive sex education of children. "Moral issues should be left to the parents and the families, " Bernier says.
She also hopes to address the growing fiscal crisis involving the funding of schools. "There needs to be a new and different approach to funding them, over 40% of state taxes go to K-12 education."
As a county clerk, Bernier has had to deal with domestic partnerships that the State allows for homosexuals. "As county clerk I have had to execute domestic partnerships

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