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We Don't Need a "Super Congress"

Written By: Jack Hunter  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

             A long time ago in a political galaxy far, far away, a small band of statesmen set out to create a governing charter for their newly independent nation. The document they ratified featured enumerated and specific powers for their new government, with the operative words being "enumerated" and "specific." To the world it was a charter unlike any other, and many admired its spirit of limits, caution and restraint. In fact, the United States Constitution was properly viewed by its authors and everyone else at the time as a list, not of what the federal government could do, but more importantly - what it couldn't.

            Today, few recognize any limits on what the federal government can do. Obamacare is "constitutional" because Nancy Pelosi says it is. President Obama can wage war against Libya simply because he thinks it's a good idea. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan even admitted last year that the federal government has the power to force Americans to eat three vegetables a day.

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