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Letter to the Editor - Counter-Protester Bullies Not Worthy of Respect

Written By: David Luepke  |  Posted: Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

            I attended the rally in Madison on April 16th and was very impressed with the high quality of the speakers and all of the Tea party people.  Their signs were tasteful. clever and true.  Many had a Christian theme. They have my heartfelt thanks and respect for the way they handled the mob of bullies who tried their best to disrupt the program.  They yelled and screamed and banged on drums, waved crude and rude signs, made obscene gestures and just generally made total fools of themselves.  They did not even shut up for the singing of the National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance.  The first speaker was a 14 year old girl who gave a terrific speech on the history of Patriotism in America and the foul mouthed bullies could not even restrain themselves long enough to respect this outstanding young girl .
            I was taught to respect people, especially those in authority.  But I'm sorry, anyone who sides with these disgusting tactics  is not worthy of respect.  They claim to be defending a right to collective bargaining, but that right does not exist in the constitution. It is a privilege granted by the legislature and when you abuse a privilege you lose it. The right of free speech and peaceable assembly is in the Constitution and both are constantly threatened by rude crude bullies. God bless those courageous souls who stand up to them.

David Luepke

Edgar, Wisconsin

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