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200 Years Since 1812

Written By: Alex Koeppel  |  Posted: Thursday, May 31st, 2012

            This June marks the 200th anniversary of one of the most forgotten wars of American history. The War of 1812, also called "Mr. Madison's War", "The Unnecessary War", and "America's Second War for Independence", has received little attention in the last 200 years. Nevertheless, this obscure little war made a significant impact on our nation.

            The year 1812 saw Britain and France in their normal state of war. Things were looking different this time, however, because France was building a formidable empire under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte. With most of Europe already under his domain, he then looked across the channel for his next target. Britain still held her place as the ruler of the seas, and her invincible navy was Napoleon's nemesis.

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