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Six Towns Surrender Property Rights to the City of Eau Claire

Written By: Jerry Hanson  |  Posted: Saturday, May 14th, 2011

            The Towns of Brunswick, Washington, Pleasant Valley, Seymour, Wheaton, and Union surrendered the property rights of all landowners within 3 miles of the city of Eau Claire. This act of taking is the result of the Eau Claire Comprehensive Plan Amendment developed pursuant to the terms of the Intergovernmental Agreement dated February 16, 2011 between the 6 adjoining towns and the City of Eau Claire, regarding land use and land division policies within the City of Eau Claire's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).

            It is vitally important to realize that liberty cannot exist apart from the unalienable right to own, use, and sell our property as we please. Any restriction upon that right, other than we cannot harm our neighbor, impairs creativity, productivity, economic growth, and the well-being of society. Contrary to the environmentalist claims, private property rights are also essential to the ecological well-being of our planet. Liberty and private property rights spawn creativity and responsibility. George Washington said, "private property and freedom are inseparable."

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