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Where Have All the Lemonade Stands Gone?

Posted: Thursday, June 25th, 2015

            In the old days (when I was living) a child put up a stand to sell Kool-Aid (today it is lemonade) or anything else he wanted to sell. It was that simple. Usually, it lasted for a day or two.  Once in a long while, some kid was good at it, and their stand stayed up for a week or two.  That was about the extent of it. 

            Many of us who grew up in those days as an adult would stop and buy lemonade just to support the child's effort.  To be honest, sometimes I bought it, then poured it out when they were not looking because they put so much sugar in it I couldn't get it down.  We were glad, though, to see them out there trying on their own to do something like this. 

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