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Public School Shooting Brings Things into Focus

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Friday, December 14th, 2012

Most of the nation already knows about the terrible murder of many school students along with adults.  The following report came in from ABC News:

"The gunman, identified as Adam Lanza, 20, was found dead in the school.  Lt. Paul Vance said 18 children died in the school and two more died later in a hospital. Six adults were also slain, bringing the total to 26.  In addition to the casualties at the school, Lanza's mother Nancy Lanza was killed in her home, federal and state sources told ABC News."

Only God knows all the suffering, motives and awful consequences. Pray for those involved, especially those who suffered the loss of a loved one. What a stark reminder this is of the suddenness of death.  

Sad to say, while shocking us, it does not surprise us anymore. Nevertheless, this is where we are as a country. Many of us remember when we would never have heard of this happening, but those days are long gone.  What then shall we do? Do we try to clean up the public schools?  Maybe we need more guards and police officers on duty to make sure this does not happen again (it will, I hate to say). What about mandating all teachers be armed and can defend the students and other teachers from murderers making the school body their target?  I am afraid it is too late, even if that would stop the violence.  I am further convinced this tragedy will be used by some to push for disarming our nation.  Gun control groups will be out in force.   There is a much better answer, though, to all of this.  I recognize this may not be the time to bring it up due to the present tense suffering, so forgive me if I seem too quick to respond to the answer.  Maybe it is the bad answers that are being given so often that prompts me to do such. 

The better answer would be to discard the endeavor to have a public education system. I realize some think this is radical. It is in the present day and age in which we live. But radical should not cause us to not consider something.  Take homeschooling. It was considered radical thirty years ago. Today it is no longer a strange and dangerous thing.  It took only thirty years to change the thinking of people - to the good in this case.  Many today consider making a living at home, whereas, it was a rarity thirty years ago for most people.  The idea that marriage is a good thing and that children raised in a home with a married father and mother is the best of conditions for being raised is making a comeback, albeit slowly.  Even getting out of debt is acceptable, although the person with no debt is considered a strange creature.  

The best answer for school violence is to return to what America had in the past, that is that the education of the children is the parent's responsibility, not the state's. Read Rushdooney's The Messianic Character of American Education. It tells the story quite well. The result of doing this will not be ignorance and barbarianism. It will be the flourishing of private and home schools. The result over all will be better educated children, an ill conceived burden removed from the state, and virtually all acts of murder in school yards eliminated.

Yes, pray for those suffering through this, and in the mean time realize there are answers to prevent it in the future, but it will take radical steps to do so. We have done so and they are more than worth it. What about you?

Dan Stanley is an owner and contributing editor of The US Journal.  Email:

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