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Make the Most of Your Smartphone with Cool Apps

Written By: Maria Herbert  |  Posted: Thursday, August 25th, 2011

            Ever since I realized the power of my first smartphone, I was hooked.  Although the iPhone vs. Droid battle persists, I have an HTC Droid and love it. I will admit to occasional iPhone envy to iPhone users around me but am still very impressed with the capabilities of my Droid.  In fact the first time I went to Market, I was like a kid in the candy store. For those who are not familiar with Market, this particular application allows you to search and download applications to help make life easier, more entertaining, or just make you smarter.

            As rules of thumb when deciding to download an app, I look for a rating of four stars or more, high download totals, good reviews, and preferably free ones. Shameless advertising is probably the largest downside of the free versions of apps.  But if you really like it you can usually purchase an ads-free version through a small "donation" to the developer.

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