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Eau Claire's Comprehensive Plan Transfers Citizen's Property Rights to Public Control

Written By: Jerry Hanson  |  Posted: Thursday, June 30th, 2011

            The Eau Claire City Planning Commission is in the process of a five-year Comprehensive Plan review. The Comprehensive Plan Review Group will be meeting Thursday, June 23rd at 7 PM at the RCU community room. This isn't much notice, but liberty minded individuals, and those interested in preserving their property rights need to get involved. Even if you live or own land outside the city limits of Eau Claire, the Comprehensive Plan will affect you.

            Another name for comprehensive planning is "Smart Growth." These are codeword's for the centralized control of every aspect of urban life. The goal of comprehensive planning is to implement the United Nations agenda of "social transformation: restructuring of the entire system of ownership rights... essential to the accomplishment of new national objectives." (United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, Vancouver, Canada, 31 May to 11 June 1976). Did you catch that, "restructuring of the entire system of ownership rights?" Reading through the Eau Claire City Comprehensive Plan causes one to ask, "What happened to the property rights of landowners in Eau Claire?" Control (management) of every square foot of Eau Claire and the "Extraterritorial Review Area" of the six adjoining townships is in the hands of the City of Eau Claire Planning Commission elite. If you own 10 acres within the City's control and had planned to build a multiple housing unit on it, you cannot do so unless it is part of the Comprehensive Plan. You may have hoped to sell it as commercial property for a new mall or office building. You cannot do that either, unless it is part of the comprehensive plan. If you're in the Extraterritorial Review Area, you can build one house on it -- maybe. You may be told that you can build ten $300,000 homes on your property, but the market may be telling you that the real need is low-cost single homes and apartments. These planning elites do not want the free market to direct development. They have their UN skewed vision of how Eau Claire should develop. The market need for affordable housing or neighborhood businesses is condemned if it does not fit into their plan.

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