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Planned Parenthood to Build Mega Abortion Clinic in St. Paul

Written By: Barbara L. Lyons  |  Posted: Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

The University of Wisconsin has abandoned plans to perform late-term abortions at the Madison Surgery Center! This is a tremendous victory for unborn children who would have been victims of late-term abortions, their mothers, their families, the thousands of grassroots people who demanded that the late-term abortion plan be stopped, and the citizens of Wisconsin.
Many individuals and organizations made this victory possible through their calls, letters, emails, and presence outside the Madison Surgery Center. Special thanks and praise go to those who work at the Madison Surgery Center who refused to participate in any way in providing late-term abortions and individuals who courageously changed their doctors, appointments and insurance coverage rather than be treated at the Madison Surgery Center.
Wisconsin Right to Life joined in a coordinated effort to make certain that not a single late-term abortion would be performed at the Madison Surgery Center. Wisconsin Right to Life garnered thousands of petition names, placed four full-page ads in the Wisconsin State Journal, held a major event, co-sponsored and urged people to attend vigils at the Madison Surgery Center, and encouraged people to drop services and insurance coverage associated with UW and the Center. It was a gigantic effort that reached a successful conclusion - zero late-term abortions at the Madison Surgery Center!
We must, however, remain vigilant as UW announced it is still seeking a Madison location to perform late-term abortions.
On a more sobering note, Planned Parenthood (PP) is becoming the Wal-Mart of abortion clinics. Its new business plan includes building massive abortion centers in major cities. The newest one will be in St. Paul, Minnesota, too close to home for comfort. Many western Wisconsin women travel to the Twin Cities for abortions and you can be certain that the St. Paul mega-clinic will advertise close to home.
According to Scott Fischbach, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Executive Director, the 46, 000-square-foot St. Paul clinic will be located near Hamline University, Concordia University, growing ethnic populations and the future Central Corridor light-rail line. This fits Planned Parenthood's marketing plan perfectly to attract college and minority women.
Fischbach states that Planned Parenthood is in a position to receive millions more in taxpayer dollars under Obamacare and the Minnesota PP is set to collect the rewards by expanding its abortion business and income.
"Planned Parenthood Foundation of America hailed the passage of Obama's pro-abortion health care overhaul as 'a huge victory, '" says Fischbach. "Not only does the law subsidize health plans that cover abortion, it also opens the door to direct federal funding of abortions at so-called Community Health Centers. On its website, Planned Parenthood claims that 850 Community Health Centers are run by Planned Parenthood affiliates."
Planned Parenthood has opened or plans to open mega abortions centers in Houston, Chicago and other locations. More taxpayer money, more abortions, and more abortion revenue for Planned Parenthood.

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