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What does 'Hallelujah' Mean?

Written By: Bill Finnigan  |  Posted: Friday, November 2nd, 2012

            It's interesting how the secular world has picked up on the Biblical term "Hallelujah." It's not uncommon to hear it in songs, articles, TV programs, and verbiage on the street. I think the forerunner was the word "amen." That has been the common expression or response of church folks when hearing something in the sermon to which they heartily agreed. Amen means "true;" i.e. that which lines up with reality. It's answering a statement of agreement with "right on," or "that's right!" But like many other things, what was once unique to the church scene, has increasingly become commonplace. Even the term "born-again" is widely used, not referring to conversion to Christ, but the reformation or new-start in one's life or business. Folks are ignorant of what these Biblical expressions mean; thus, they have been decimated and misapplied, with the true meaning being all but lost.

            Hallelujah, like the word "awesome" is overworked; but it poses an opportunity to explain its right meaning. In the Bible, Psalm 146:1 opens with, "Praise ye the LORD," which is the Hebrew word "HALLELUJAH;" notice that it is translated in English, not by one word, but four.

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