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The Value of an Orderly Life

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

            I am struck by the huge difference that order or lack of order makes in our lives.  By order, I refer to the setting of things in order as we would say.  This is not hard to illustrate.  We not only use the word, but see this order all about us.  Do you and I not set in order certain things in life? Yes, we set in order the garage or the room or the tools or the garden. Our life is full of the need for order.

            We arrange the books on a shelf by the author's name.  We put the tools in certain departments so we can find them.  We store our dry goods in a cupboard according to what they are.  We put forks in the fork section and knives in the knife section.  We hang up our clothes (well....) in a certain order.  We separate our money into certain categories to pay all the bills (so order).   We must stand in line (order) if we are in the military or waiting for the attendant.  We expect order in the court, as we would say.  First things first, then second things and so on.  We even put in order ourselves!  The very word cosmetic comes from the word world, which in the Greeks mind means well arranged (order).  So a woman uses cosmetics so her face is well arranged (orderly).

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