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Walker Exposes Misuse of Education Funds

Written By: Karen Schroeder - Advocates for Academic Freedom  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

            As the sole provider of healthGovernor Scott Walker care to many Wisconsin school districts, the Wisconsin Education Trust (WEA Trust) pilfered millions of tax dollars but was exposed during the implementation of Governor Walker's Budget Repair Bill. That bill corrects the imbalance of power in the negotiations process and reinstates free market principles so that school districts have more freedom to balance their budgets, hire teachers, and decrease class size. Parents who sought alternatives to public education because they felt disenfranchised now have more reason to become involved.  Several local schools value their right to bid in the free market.

            Protests at the capitol seem to have been self-serving acts to prevent the public and school districts from discovering an abuse of tax dollars and other unscrupulous actions. The public needs to know that when the WEA Trust offers the low bid, some school districts will continue to purchase health insurance from the WEA Trust although it historically ignores fiduciary obligations to taxpayers.

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