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How to Be a Person - A Look at Personality Tests

Written By: Mary Ellen Row  |  Posted: Sunday, July 31st, 2016

            On Thanksgiving, a few years ago, my uncle decided the family was just sedated enough by the feast to talk us into taking a personality test. Indeed, we were too full to object to a questionnaire of seemingly nonsensical questions, and agreed to be Uncle David's personality guinea pigs.

            In our vegetative state, we were certain that Uncle David was off his rocker and that this fluffy personality stuff was just another post-modern phase. After answering a lengthy quiz we struggled to decipher all the weird letter codes like ENFP and ISTJ. What did it all mean? We weren't sure, but as each of us read our results we couldn't stifle the laughter and the contemplative "Ah-ha!" moments. It was more spot on than we'd figured. Of course, Uncle David was grinning like an evil mastermind who'd finally brought into submission a whole planet of minions. Well, maybe he wasn't that devious as his purpose was to create conversation among the family and encourage better understanding of each other.

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