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Bruce Evers for Congress

Written By: Jerry Hanson  |  Posted: Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Bruce Evers is a Republican candidate running for the 3rd Congressional District. He hopes to defeat Dan Kapanke in the September primary and defeat Ron Kind in the general election in November. He and his wife of forty-two years, live in Holmen. They also own a farm in Crawford County where their son and his family live. Bruce spent much of his life as a banker, and now as a financial adviser. He has a firm grasp of the monetary system and the financial crisis facing our nation. He agrees that the Federal Reserve needs to be audited. He said, "Nobody knows what's in the Federal reserve books - nobody, including Ben Bernanke." He said some economists estimate the federal liabilities from unfunded "entitlements" (e.g. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid) is $74 trillion. The government, he said, does not even acknowledge this debt. There is no designated Social Security fund to put in a "lock box." Every penny the American people have put into their so-called Social Security account, is spent. Much of it is wasted on "pork." He said, "There is no money for Social Security, and they have no plan of where to get it." His web site lays out a plan to to gradually change the nature of Social Security. He suggests taking some of the Social Security our younger Citizens are paying in and putting it into something like annuities where the principal is secure, and in the end it is the Citizen's money. "We have to paint a picture of the reality of the situation. Pay yourself first, that is, put aside 10% of your income, and if you do that from the time you are thirty years old and receive just 2% return on your investment, you will have enough money on which to retire.

Bruce said our children are educated at the local level and that is where the control must be. "The establishment of the federal Department of Education is wrong headed in today's world. Parents must make teachers and school districts responsible for the education of our children." He said it is wrong to have federal bureaucrats dictating what we teach our children at the local level. He said every bureaucracy in Washington D.C. has waste and fraud. To cut the waste and fraud he suggests telling ever department head that their budget is being cut (25% for example)and that they have sixty days to come back with a plan of how they are going to accomplish that goal. If the Department head says they cannot do it, find someone in the department that can. That would be a start. He would also assign staff to find programs from which we derive no benefit and eliminate those programs. When asked what he would do to restore our liberties, he said the key is responsibility. "Get involved. If you hear of a meeting, go there, and express your ideas and opinions." He also feels that term limits are essential to bringing the federal government under control. After congressmen are in Washington for twenty to thirty years with having their egos stroked, their quest for power nurtured, and their wallets stuffed with special interest money, they can no longer represent the interests of their constituents.

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