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Christians Have Failed as Political Leaders

Written By: Chuck Baldwin  |  Posted: Monday, July 18th, 2011

            I couldn't count how many times I've heard a sincere Christian say to me, "Chuck, all we have to do is elect more Christians to public office." I wish it was only that easy! The fact is we have been electing "Christians" to public office for decades. In fact, when is the last time you voted for someone who did NOT proclaim to be a Christian? Most everyone in public office claims to be a Christian. In my whole life, I never remember a candidate for public office saying, "Vote for me; I'm an atheist." Do you?

            Richard Nixon claimed to be a Christian; Gerald Ford claimed to be a Christian; Jimmy Carter claimed to be a Christian (he even taught Sunday School and took alcohol out of the White House); Ronald Reagan claimed to be a Christian; Bill Clinton claimed to be a Christian (how many times did we see Clinton on his way to church with his giant-print Bible under his arm?); George Bush I and II claimed to be a Christian. Bush II held prayer meetings in the White House we are told. Even Barack Obama claims to be a Christian. Ditto for virtually every congressman and senator ever elected. Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, men and women, whites and blacks: they all claim to be Christians. If electing "Christians" was all we needed to do, we should be in the Millennial Kingdom by now!

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