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America - Still a Great Place to Live

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

                I admit that I have done a fair amount of complaining about America.  And there is no denying we have issues in our nation.  We have problems with our economy, illegal immigration, our educational standards, broken marriages and drugs.   We seem to be in a mess regarding our foreign policy.  And to be very honest, we are on a road away from our original purpose of a limited government.  What we will become only God knows.

                Yet a trip through Europe for almost three weeks with three of my oldest sons reminds me that I am glad I live in America, not Europe.  This is not sentiment speaking.  Granted, Europe is very interesting, especially with all of its history.  Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London along with the Roman Coliseum and the Greek Acropolis are sights to see.   Being born and growing up in Europe would leave a man or woman attracted to their homeland no doubt.  America, though, is still much more desirable than Europe.

                One reason is it is cheaper to live in America than Europe.  Gas is approximately ten dollars a gallon.  Food is almost twice the price. Owning your own home is way less likely to happen.  How much a person makes relative to what it costs to live is higher in America.  I can tell you this.  If you have any doubts about it being cheaper to live in America than Europe, visit our friends across the sea, and you will be glad to be back in America, at least if you want to spend less while having a better standard of living.

                Further, Europeans do not understand liberty and freedom. They have the Magna Charta in the British Library, but they lack a true concept of freedom or we would call self government.  In the Magna Charta is the basis for subjecting even the king to a law higher than himself, yet Europe does not understand this like the average American.  It is true we are losing our freedoms, but compared to Europe, we have far more left than they can comprehend.  In Europe, the state has such control over its people that the Greek cannot even stay in a motel without showing his passport.

                Christianity in Europe is only a form at best.  There is very little concept of the truth.  Europeans are either agnostic (London) or given over to tradition or some form of Orthodox Christianity.  The average European has virtually no concept of God in a sound way.  At least in America there is still a vibrant theism.  For every one American who will at least agree there is a God, ten Europeans will deny it and ten more will have no concept of who God is.

                There are in Europe smaller streets, less room to live in, an economy that makes ours look healthy, and a desire to this day expressed by several young people to move or come to America.  The governments of Europe lack the genius of the Constitution we have.  According to a long term missionary, the politicians in America are leaders of integrity compared to the graft and dishonesty of the European leaders.  "People say the politicians in America are corrupt," he said.  "They won't think this way any longer if they come to America," he concluded.

                America, with all its problems, is still a great place to live.  Be hard on it.  Expose its errors.  Work to save it.  Pray for America.  But remember this.  America has been blessed by Almighty God and still is to a noticeable degree.  And with all its problems, America is still a great place to live.  If you doubt it, visit Europe, and my guess is you will be glad to come back home to America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

                Dan Stanley is an owner and contributing editor of The US Journal.  Email:

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