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"You Will Use It Someday"

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Monday, September 26th, 2011

            I must admit that I am not a strong believer in this age old adage.  Yet my teachers told me this whenever asked "Why do I have to learn this?  I will never use it." (Now my children do the same thing).  Time has passed, enough so as to test the wisdom of this well worn answer.  And grudgingly I must admit there is some truth to it.  Notice I said "some" truth to it.

            It seems necessary to say "some" because there is no doubt some weaknesses in attempting to explain away myriads of hours of learning so "you will use it someday."  The truth is we learned many things that we did not and will use someday.  It is, no doubt, one of the defects in graduated learning in a classroom setting.  It is not mentoring in the truest sense.  "Learning as you go" still works quite well, and that is why being mentored or trained "on the job" seems to always work.  Therefore the majority of college graduates

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