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Who Wants to Live Forever?

Written By: Vision.org  |  Posted: Thursday, September 15th, 2011

              After watching the first cut of Highlander, a 1986 movie about battling immortals, the rock group Queen produced a single titled "Who Wants to Live Forever." One might be tempted to respond by asking "Who wouldn't?"

            That our allotted time on this earth is somewhat fleeting has surely not escaped us, especially as we move farther down our life path. Among the animals and plants with which we share our planet, there is inevitable senescence. Even though as one biologist noted, "aging is an unnatural phenomenon [in that] most animals starve or get eaten, and have no chance to age," aging and death are part of the human natural order. In recent years, however, a building revolution in the science of gerontology has heralded the possibility of life extension. This is leading some to speculate about just what the limits to human life might be; adding another decade or two or even centuries might be possible.

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