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Letters to the Editor

Written By: Wisconsin's Response to President's Edict  |  Posted: Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

            President Obama has issued his unconstitutional edict to all public schools nationwide, telling them "sex" as Congress defined it in its original, unchanged Title X language, now includes "gender orientation." Threatening the schools with losing millions in funding, Obama told schools they must allow biological boys to use the girls' restrooms and changing rooms, including showers, and vice versa.  His agenda is to give special rights and protections to transgendered students.  In so doing he has not only overstepped his authority, he has trounced on the privacy rights and severely compromised the well-being and safety of all the other students, especially girls.

            Wisconsin had an excellent opportunity this past legislative session to get ahead of this issue. Rep. Jesse Kremer and Sen. Steve Nass introduced a bill that provided minimal direction to school districts but definitely protected the privacy rights of all students, not just a select few.  Unfortunately, the bill died at the end of the session. However, in addition to Rep. Kremer and Sen. Nass, we did have a few heroes on this issue. Rep. Romaine Quinn distinguished himself in the Assembly Education Committee public hearing on this bill, asking insightful questions, relentlessly working to get people to understand why this bill is important. Citizens in Rep. Quinn's district should be very proud of him. He is representing you with distinction and honor. His leadership next session when a Student Privacy Protection bill is again introduced will be invaluable.

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