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On-Shore Fossilized Whale Fossils Suggest Creation Account

Written By: Bill Bumpas  |  Posted: Friday, January 6th, 2012

            A pro-creation geologist says it's no surprise that scientists are scratching their heads over the discovery of ancient whale bones on land along the Pacific Coast in Chile.

            Researchers have found the fossils of about 75 bus-sized whales, including more than 20 perfectly intact skeletons, over a hill in Chile's Atacama Desert, and scientists are trying to figure out how they ended up there together -- half a mile from the ocean. One scientist has hypothesized the region used to be a "lagoon-like environment" and that the whales died between two million and seven million years ago.
            Dr. Andrew Snelling, director of research at Answers in Genesis, tells OneNewsNow the answer is simple: the Flood. However,  he continues, scientists' evolutionistic worldview will not allow them to go there.
            "Because of this mindset of the evolution of millions of years, they're not even asking the right questions, or not even thinking clearly about the observations that they're making," he contends. "It's clear from the observations that these whales had to be buried catastrophically; otherwise, they would not be preserved in the way that they are found. And so their worldview has automatically locked out that explanation."
            But when the evidence of the discovery is examined alongside scripture, Snelling says it all makes sense.
            "A scientist with a Bible in one hand knows exactly how they got there -- catastrophically -- because there was a judgment of the earth at the time of the Flood," he offers.
            The Answers in Genesis research director further points out that the finding blows apart the scientific arguments of slow, gradual processes.

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