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Tsunami Aftermath - Japan Still in Danger

Written By: ECJ Staff  |  Posted: Thursday, March 24th, 2011

            The destructioDevestation in Japan after the tsunami.n and death is everywhere as Japan continues its recovery from last week's earthquake and tsunami.  Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan is calling it the "worst crisis since the second world war."   According to Monday's latest toll there are 1,600 dead, 1,481 missing and 1,683 injured.  Around 300,000 people are being sheltered in schools and other public buildings.  The number of households without electricity or water is about 1.5 million.

            The greatest threat still lingers as the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility's reactors are in danger of melting down and releasing radio-active material into the atmosphere.  The No. 1 reactor blew the roof off of the inner structure last Saturday and a similar explosion occured at reactor No. 3 on Monday morning.  Fuel rods at No. 3 reactor are now fused together according to officials.  On Sunday, sea water was being poured on the reactors, which temporarily helped in the cooling, and efforts to do the same to Reactor No. 2 are under way. Government officials say that the containment vessels housing the reactors remained intact and there have not been signs of radiation leakage that would accompany a major meltdown.  The 70-80,000 people living within a twelve mile radius of the plant were evacuated.

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