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Billy Graham in Retrospect

Written By: By Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Due to the very purpose of our publication, it seems necessary to write something on the passing of Billy Graham. His fame was world wide. His life and works are well published. His passing is notable. His likeness as an evangelist is not on the horizon. He was the last nationally and internationally known evangelist that was in our day of modernity. Therefore, it is important for not only us to say a word about him, but for each of us to consider the message he preached in a very personal way.

For my part, it was my lot in life to have intersected with Billy Graham and his preaching in indirect, but memorable ways. Another evangelist, Monroe Parker, whom I heard and visited with over time, told about the first time Billy went forward as a teenager. Parker was the preacher. It was at a later time Billy went forward at another invitation to believe the Gospel that he believed. The preacher at that time was an evangelist named Mordecai Ham. The year was 1934.

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