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Proof That the Bible is God's Word

Written By: R. A. Torrey  |  Posted: Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

So then if we accept the authority of Jesus Christ, we are logically compelled to accept the entire Old Testament and the entire New Testament as the Word of God. But, if we honestly face the facts in the case, we are compelled to accept the authority of Jesus Christ, for Jesus Christ is accredited to us by five unmistakably Divine testimonies.

First of all, Jesus Christ is accredited to us by the testimony of the Divine life that He lived, for He lived as never man lived. If any man will take the four gospels for Himself and lay them side by side and read them through carefully and honestly, even once, he will discover two things: The first thing that he will discover is, that the story here related is the story of a life that was actually lived here upon earth, and not a mere romance. To suppose that any one man imagined such a character as that of Jesus of Nazareth when such a life was recorded in any of the four gospels, is to suppose a greater miracle than any one recorded in any of the four gospels. But to suppose that not only one man did it, but that four different men did it and that each one of the four not only succeeded in making his story consistent with itself, but consistent also with the other three, is to suppose the absolutely preposterous and impossible. There is no possibility of honestly questioning that the story recorded in the four gospels is the story of a life that was actually lived here upon earth. The second thing that he will discover, will be that the life here recorded stands absolutely apart from any other life ever lived upon earth. Napoleon Bonaparte, late in life, was discussing Jesus of Nazareth with some of his friends, and he is reported to have said, "I know men (and if he did not know men, who ever did?), and Jesus of Nazareth was no man." By this, of course, he meant that Jesus Christ was not merely a man; for man He was.
In the second place, Jesus Christ is accredited to us by the Divine words that He spoke. If anyone will take the four gospels and just read with candour and open mind the words spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ, he will soon discover that there is a quality in these words that distinguishes them from all other words ever spoken on earth. He will be compelled to say what the officers said who were sent to arrest Jesus but came back without Him, "Never man spake like this man."

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