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The Latest Pearl Spanking Controversy

Written By: Jim Swanson  |  Posted: Monday, December 12th, 2011

             Michael and Debi Pearl's backwoods Tennessee family outreach exploded in popularity by the publication of their 1995 best seller, To Train Up a Child. Now with over 600,000 in print, the Pearls are once again embroiled in controversy over what was taught in the book about child discipline. This is because a third child has been beaten to death by parents who claim they are practicing the principles in the Pearl's book.

            The latest case involved the parents of nine children living in California. For some action, the parents spanked their adopted daughter Lydia for seven hours, causing trauma, shock, and eventual death. As a result, the father was given a 25-year prison term, and the mother 12 years. The other eight children are in foster care. In response, CNN interviewed the Pearls who reaffirmed what was taught in the book. The California district attorney, on the other hand, linked the Pearl's book to the actions of the parents and stated that he believed if the parents hadn't read the book, Lydia would be alive today.

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