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Why Parents Are the Most Qualified to Direct Their Children's Education

Written By: Jim Swanson and Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

In a previous article in the Journal the responsibility of parents to teach their children was outlined. A question from a reader asked why parents are the best teachers since schools are filled with professionals who are both trained and experienced. Here are eight reasons. This is, by no means, an exhaustive list.

First, parents are the best qualified to oversee their child's education because children are given to parents by God and, therefore, they have the divine mandate and enablement to direct the task of training them. This is, of course, the conclusion a Christian embraces due to the Bible being his final authority in regards to what God wants for himself. God allows for parents to hire "tutors and governors" to help reach His goals as long as the parents take the oversight. We realize there are readers who may not identify as Christians. If that is true of yourself, let me encourage you to read the rest of the reasons. I am convinced some of them will resonate with your mind and conscience and the love that you have for your children.

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