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18 Reasons Why Jesus, A Poor Carpenter, Became the Greatest Leader of All Time

Written By: By Matshona Dhliwayo  |  Posted: Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Some called him a sage, some labelled him a prophet, some hailed him as the Messiah, and some appointed him king. No other leader since the beginning of time has caused so much controversy, changing not only the history of his small nation, but also the history of the entire world.

Jesus of Nazareth, the son of a poor carpenter, rose from humble beginnings-born in a reeking stable, surrounded by animals whose odors must have been so offensive they would give sewers a run for their money. He was not raised in a palace, nor was he enrolled in an Ivy League school. How could one of such a lowborn status be studied by renowned leaders, scientists, philosophers, and even generals, many of whom are considered the greatest minds of all time? How could a man of such lowly status impact the world-not just spiritually, but also philosophically, politically, economically, and scientifically-with just three years of religious teaching?

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