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A Boy Named Rex

Written By: Jim Swanson  |  Posted: Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

How is it "that stunning ability and profound disability can co-exist in the same person?" This is the question that Lesley Stahl asked in her introduction to "Catching Up with Rex, " on the CBS program "60 Minutes" back in 2008. The program had first come in contact with Rex Lewis-Clack when he was eight years old and, now that he was thirteen, they were catching up.

While his mother Cathleen was pregnant with Rex in 1995, she learned that an ultrasound revealed a cyst or tumor had developed on his brain. Since this was her first child, she was devastated with this news. These facts would have sent many women to the abortion clinic and then to "try again." However, Cathleen was unwilling to do this. In fact, the trial drew her closer to God for strength and direction. After birth they diagnosed Rex as autistic, and discovered he was blind. The problems only seemed to get worse. He was unable to walk or talk, and he hated touching things.

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