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Inflation is Coming

Written By: RJ Bobber  |  Posted: Monday, March 12th, 2018

There is no question that the new tax cuts were a home run for President Donald Trump, the Republican Party, Corporate American and many, many tax payers. Trump's approval ratings jumped from the low 30's to the 40 per cent range. There have been about 6 billion dollars in bonuses paid out by employers to their employees.

While all of the bonuses paid out were certainly welcomed by the beneficiaries and made for great optics for the administration, it needs to be pointed out that these still represent an extremely small percentage of the 134 million workers in America. Depending on whose numbers you want to look at, it appears to be somewhere around 5% of the working populous. Also, most were one-time distributions with no promise of any future payments and some were replacements for bonuses that were already planned and budgeted. You can't, however, deny it was encouraging to see corporate sharing at least part of its windfall and let's hope that it continues to grow to include as many workers as possible.

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