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Nuclear Energy: The Only Viable Choice

Written By: Al Boese  |  Posted: Friday, May 20th, 2011

            Sadly, the misfortune surrounding the massive earthquake and consequential damaging tsunami that breached the Fukushima nuclear reactor storage facility is very likely to disrupt the gradual move of the world and US toward the use of nuclear energy.  Just as Three Mile Island and Chernobyl were becoming less visible in our rear view mirror, a body blow to the real or perceived reputation of safe and reliable nuclear energy occurred. The threat of widespread radioactive contamination appears real if not overstated. The events of Fukushima will embolden nuclear opponents around the globe.

            If the outcome of these tragic circumstances were acceptance of the need for US expansion of more conventional energy sources; oil, natural gas and coal, we would not be too badly off. However, the Obama administration is in the rut of NIMBY, (Not in my back yard) and a clings to pathological commitment to renewable energy sources. Never mind that there is absolutely no, even remote, possibility that these dreamy sources will do anything but offer a slight and irregular supplement to the power grid.

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