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Is it the Government's Job to Provide Jobs?

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

We are hearing a lot today about the need for jobs. The unemployment rates are being repeated almost daily. Presently it is around 10%. Some in the know claim it is as high as 20%. But let's stick with the lower number of ten percent. Where should these folk find jobs? More and more people and organizations and especially the government give the impression that the government should be taking steps to create or facilitate these jobs for the unemployed. Is it, then, the government's job to provide jobs? Not at all. You rightly may be asking what is my basis for such a black and white statement. I will be honest and let the cat out of the bag. I am a Christian and the Bible is my basis for my conclusions. In regards to the government, the Bible is very plain concerning the states purposes. They are to "execute wrath on evil doers" (catch the crooks and punish them)and to praise them that do well (verbally commend any who are doing what is right and what is good). Of course, you may not be Christian and want further proof. All right. Here is an example that may appeal to your reason. During the Great Depression the New Deal started by President Roosevelt provided many jobs for men and women. It was hailed as a success. I knew many people who worked on those government projects, whether building parks or roads or whatever. How thankful they were for those jobs. What they didn't know and the government did not reveal, was for every job they "created, " someone else in the private sector had to pay for it and for every dollar spent on government projects, some other private endeavor was not built, which took away their jobs! It gets worse though.

Government involvement in the getting or creating of a means for jobs results in inflation, price fixing, poor production and a host of other verifiable weaknesses. The only thing left to support this thinking that the state should provide jobs is sympathy. Well, for whatever it is worth, I personally am involved with helping people get work on a weekly basis and some times daily. But this is done out of my pocket, not via the government. No, I am not rich by any means. Should we not help our neighbor? Yes, but voluntarily, not by force. Voluntarism works best by far and brings the best production and happiness and fulfillment. I am convinced if you genuinely researched this matter, you would find the best and most lasting way to help people get jobs is via everyday people without any government involvement. This reminds me of an illustration the President of our Seminary gave concerning the days of the Great Depression. Times were hard then. He recalled as a boy seeing a drifter knock on their door and ask for a sandwich. His mother pointed the drifter to a pile of wood, and said she would be fixing the sandwich while he split the pile of wood. After the work and sandwich, he asked if she another pile of wood he could split so he could have another sandwich! There is a program that will work every time! You say it is unrealistic in our day and age. I say you are not willing to get involved in lives to help people. I say you are not willing to face how far apart we have drifted as a community. I say you have maybe depended on the state for to long. I say we are too uppity as a people. Back to the woodpile, in my humble opinion, is a reasonable and practical answer. In order to understand all this more thoroughly, we need go back to the root reason for this issue of who should provide work for us. Who is fundamentally responsible to provide for you and I?

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