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State Recognition Regarding Marriage

Posted: Thursday, July 30th, 2015

            The truth is state recognition regarding many things really ought not to matter.  In fact, the state needs to keep its civil nose out of what is neither necessary nor good for them to recognize, endorse, and especially legislate. 

            A prime example is marriage. We all know about the recent court decision, with the aftermath to keep coming. Who for one minute thinks the state should endorse or recognize a marriage or not?  Did you know you can be married without the state's involvement and licensure?  The state does not recognize it (except to charge taxes and to handle divorces), but it is a marriage.  The Bible teaches that what God has put together is a marriage, not the church, nor a family, and not the state.  It is that simple.  Our own history recognized this. That has changed and for the bad.  We need to get back to that. 

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