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Event to Focus on Freedom to Eat Food

Written By: Aajonus Vanderplanitz - Food Freedom USA  |  Posted: Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

From foodfreedomusa.org.

The judge denied VERNON HERSHBERGER's jurisdictional challenges with the  common judicial protection of the government they protect, which is  basically governmental racketeering. Vernon just filed a Motion for  Summary Judgment and Supplement that will be heard on Wednesday, July  11th as well as the Wisconsin DOJ's motions in Limine to keep pertinent  exculpatory testimony and evidence from the jury.

As many people as  possible should appear to rally for our rights to choose the food we  want at the Sauk County Courthouse at Baraboo, Wisconsin. Please arrive  at 1 PM with signs and banners.
GCN Live radio talk show host Josh Tolley will be the M.C. and keynote  speaker at our Rally for Food Freedom at 1:30 pm. Vernon Hershberger's  case hearing is scheduled for 2:30 pm, Wednesday afternoon.

If the DOJ wins for the food-police Wisc. DATCP, our food rights will be  fast-tracked out of existence. Will we have to resort to non-peaceful  means as our forefathers did against tyranny? Let's peacefully rally  while we can.

Read more at foodfreedomusa.org.

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