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Cooking Corner - Garden Salsa

Written By: Ellen Kleven  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

            With tomatoes, peppers, and onions all coming into season at once, I couldn't refrain from studying salsas and sharing one of my favorite salsa recipes. They are one of my favorite summer foods and a fresh bowl of it seems more like a treat to me than something healthful to eat. My husband is also a huge fan of salsa and it's a regular snack for him. I like to can some too so that we can enjoy it throughout the year. Although we enjoy it from a jar, something about the fresh salsa, or "salsa fresco," just can't be beat.

            As I've alluded to, the term salsa conjures up two mental pictures. The first is a blend of diced fresh vegetables and maybe fruits-usually including tomatoes and peppers of some sort. The second thing we think of is the jarred variety on the supermarket shelf. The favorite accompaniment is usually tortilla chips. The recipe I'll be dealing with today involves the first mental image I mentioned, the fresh blend of various kinds of produce. Even still, I'd like to introduce you to a wider array of salsa ingredients and accompaniments so that you can walk away with new, "fresh" ideas.

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