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"It's the Law" Is a Cover Up

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

      "I fought the law and the law won," was a famous pop song in the 1960's. Some of us remember this song and its theme. "Robbin' people with a six gun," was why the law was after him and why they won and he lost. No one argued the law was broken. He was robbing people, holding them up with a gun. Now he was "breakin' rocks in the hot sun," so the song goes.

      In those days if you broke the law, it was quite obvious to all reasonable minded people you had done wrong. Stealing, vandalizing (destroying property), murdering or raping was plainly wrong, no questions asked. The law was the Law. Don't mess with law. Keep the law we were told. Don't be a lawbreaker. All that put a proper fear in our hearts and minds. A healthy fear I might say.

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