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50 Percent Off Deals!

Written By: Eau Claire Journal  |  Posted: Monday, February 1st, 2016

Here is a list of our current 50% Off Coupons. 

Present any purchased certificates to one of the specified businesses below to receive your discount.

To order your certificate, simply mail a check to the Eau Claire Journal for the amount you would like to purchase (and a note listing which ones). 

Our address is: The Eau Claire Journal, PO Box 442, Eau Claire, WI  54702

To order by phone or if you have a question, call 715-514-8055


Shaqat Massage:

Shaqat Massage


Tactical Escape 101:

Tactical Escape 101


A1 Express Rental Center:

A1 Express Rental Center


Cheers Pablo:

Cheers Pablo


Clean & Classy Car Wash:

Clean & Classy Car Wash


Goss Appliances:

Goss Appliances


Country Retreat Home:

Country Retreat Home


Peterson Ranch and Stables:

Peterson Ranch and Stables


MAD Computer Services:

MAD Computer Services


Blackberry Community Farms:

Blackberry Community Farm




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