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Proof That the Bible is God's Word.

Written By: R. A. Torrey  |  Posted: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

The following is part one of a series of articles by a man, R. A. Torrey, who was famous in his day. He is well qualified to speak on the subject. Whatever your persuasions may be, if you are interested in knowing whether the Bible is God's Word or not, read the following series. We are convinced it will help you.

The most fundamental and the most important question in religious thought is, "Is the Bible the Word of God?" If the Bible be the Word of God, a revelation from God Himself regarding Himself, His nature, His character, His purposes, His will, His plans, His methods, His work, and concerning man, his nature, his fall, his ruin, the way of his salvation, his duty and his destiny, then we have a sure starting point from which we can proceed to the conquest of the entire domain of religious and ethical truth. But if the Bible is not the Word of God, if it is merely the product of man's own thinking, speculating, and guessing regarding the great subjects with which it has to do, not at all trustworthy, then we are all at sea, not knowing whither we are drifting, but we may be sure that we are not drifting toward any safe port.

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