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The Private Sector and the Future of Space Exploration

Posted: Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

An article at ("Rocket Booster: Let Private Sector help NASA") keeps a free-market focus on the future of American space exploration: "After leading the way in the human exploration of space for nearly 50 years, the future of U.S. manned space flight is in question. The space shuttle makes its last flight next year. After that, NASA must rely on the Russians to put astronauts in space. Unless the country looks to the private sector."

With delays in the manned space program that have pushed the development of NASA's replacement for the shuttle to 2015, the future of the space agency is at a crossroads. One possible direction that could be chosen leads toward the private sector: "So with manned space flight going on hiatus next year and some saying NASA needs a big infusion of cash to continue manned space flight, another option is emerging: NASA could use commercial ventures like SpaceX to deliver cargo and people to the space station."

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