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Social Security is an Attack on God and Family

Written By: Pastor Matt Trewhella  |  Posted: Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

            Obtaining a social security number is "voluntary." No one is "required" to get one. My wife, Clara, and I never obtained one for any of our eleven children. This past month, my 18 year-old son tried to get his driver's license. He was denied a drivers license at the DMV because he didn't have a social security number.
            They told him that all people have to have a social security number (SSN) in order to get a drivers license because the SSN proves one's identity. But he already has and provided them with a U.S passport. Not good enough they said. So… that identification is ok for him to get on a plane and travel anywhere in the world, but it isn't good enough to obtain a drivers license? Please.
            They also said he had to provide a SSN due to "safety concerns" in our nation because of foreign terrorists. Funny thing is however, a foreigner can get a drivers license without a SSN! So…the citizen has to have one, but the foreigner doesn't, and that makes us all safer - how? Get real.
            Long story short. After two weeks on the phone with the top DMV officials in Madison (and the help of a legislator), my son obtained his drivers license without a SSN. Some may wonder, why bother? Why not just get the number and expedite your life? The answer: Because our disdain for the SSN is a cherished religious conviction for us.
            No. We're not opposed to the SSN because we think it will become the 'mark of the beast' or something like that (I'm not even a futurist in my eschatological views). Rather, we are opposed to the Social Security system because it demands us to change our religion.
            Social Security demands that we look to the State to be our provider, rather than the Lord. Social Security teaches our children to have allegiance and trust in the State, rather than in the Lord. These are attacks upon our Christian faith.
            When one embraces Social Security, it radically alters how one relates to the Lord. I'm not talking about justification - that is through faith in Christ alone - but rather I speak of relating to Him as our Provider.
            When it comes to Social Security, the State is demanding that we look to it for our needs in our old age. When the State wants us to look to it as our provider, it is demanding that it be recognized as God. It is attempting to usurp the place of God. It is attempting to make itself into a god.
            The reason the State wants people to look to it as their provider is because it wants to win the allegiance of family members to itself (rather than to one another). The State knows that if we trust in it for our needs, it will win our allegiance. Therefore, Social Security undermines our allegiance to our family members and to God. It is an attack on the family and a violation of God's Holy Law (Exodus 20:3,12).
            Families used to look to their members for economic help or stability. The locus of the economy was kept in the family, not seized by the coercive arm of the State to be redistributed to others. Older members were cared for by their children or other relatives, if needed.
            The family had a vested interest in the success of their members, and would therefore encourage hard work and thrift. Rebellious members would be penalized or rehabilitated. Now the Welfare State affords and conspires with the rebellious member in order to enable them in their rebellion, and make them autonomous from the family.
            Some years after the Revolutionary War, the U.S. Congress passed a pension plan for all veterans of that war. All veterans desiring a pension were to apply at designated places, show evidence of their military status, and dictate to a court clerk their memories of the war. The resultant memoirs give us vivid glimpses of that war. When you read these memoirs however, you notice a blatant lack of reference to religion or God or the Bible. You're left wondering, "Weren't there any Christian people that fought in that war or lived in that era?"
            The reason for these blatant omissions to religion, God, or the Bible is because no Christian veteran would apply for a federal pension, and the churches were united in their opposition to any such application. They believed that participation in a state or federal pension plan was morally wrong and idolatrous. They based their stand on many Old Testament and New Testament texts of Scripture. They saw it as their God-given duty to care for their family members.
            What a contrast to the Church in 1935 when Social Security was implemented. Churches stood by in silence and submitted to this act of aggression by the State into the jurisdiction of the family and the church. In fact, by 1954, clergymen were added to the list of those who could be a part of the Social Security system because the clergy in this nation begged to be a part of it.
            Matt Trewhella is the pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church ( and the founder of Missionaries to the Preborn ( He and his wife, Clara, have eleven children and reside in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

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