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General John Stark: The Man, the Motto, and the "Coverup"

Written By: Bruce Walker  |  Posted: Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

            Why is it that so much of the world seems mired in hatreds, violence, slavery, and pain? The reason is not complex: Most of the Old World is a patchwork of empires. America was founded, specifically, to create a republic of ordered liberty and to reject the poison of empire. The British Empire, which America's early settlers had left, was one of the more benign. The Commonwealth democracies of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have separated from the United Kingdom gracefully and stayed on good terms with it. Still, would not everyone in Canada have been better off if the French in Québec had been left alone or, now, simply allowed - even encouraged - to form their own nation or a semi-independent polity?

            But even within the British Isles, empire left wounds. The Irish will remember Easter 1916 for a long time. The problems of Northern Ireland, for now, are blessedly dormant. But will that last forever? The Scots still celebrate Braveheart. The original English (not British) Empire held much of France and was ended only after the Hundred Years War and the burning of Joan of Arc. When the British left India, millions died. When Ian Smith tried to establish a racially tolerant democracy in Rhodesia, Britain perversely denied independence to this colony and they now have the nightmare that is Zimbabwe.

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