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African Albinos in Danger

Written By: Michael Osuji  |  Posted: Thursday, June 25th, 2015

                In Africa, people born with albinism are treated with great disgust and are highly stereotyped wherever they go in the society. Families to whom albino children are born are generally regarded as cursed, and the children go through loathing from childhood to adulthood. The condition of albinism starts when a child is born without genetic pigmentation of the skin, eyes, and hair. In this case, the colour of skin is usually white with green eyes and suntanned colour hairs.

                In most African societies people with this condition of albinism are treated with prejudice, discrimination, and neglect. Albinos are thought to be ghosts from the spirit world due to some traditional beliefs and superstitions. People do not seem to comprehend how an unusual white child with green eyes and colour hairs can possibly be born to a tribally black African family if such a child's birth does not have the undertone of an ancestral curse, and therefore, portend danger

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