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Where Do We Go fromHere?

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

A good friend, having read our paper since its inception, gave me his candid criticism of the Tea Party movement. "It" he said, " expresses their frustrations, but gives little or no answers." It was a fair criticism, at least in my observation and opinion. This observation has incited me to write the following lines of thought. They do not intend to represent in any way what a Tea Partier might or might not write. They are, rather, my attempts to write what steps we can all take in light of our present problems we are facing in America.

*Step One: Get our own lives in order.* This includes many area of our lives. Start with marriage. If couples are living together unmarried (which is immoral), they need to get married. And those who are married need to stay married. How desperately we need to return to normal family life for ourselves and our children. This means getting married and staying married. Twenty years ago I read that only 14% of the homes in America at that time were made up of a man and woman who first married, then lived together and also stayed married. When I was child, it was the opposite. The results of these changes hav been catastrophic in the lives of all involved. Further, men need to lead and love their wives. And wives need to reverence and follow their husbands. I realize some will bristle at some of these statements, but stop and think for a minute. Were we better when "Father Knows Best" was popular, or today now that "Desperate House Wives" is the favorite T.V. show? The answer is obvious. Stop letting Hollywood and Liberalism distort what is good, wholesome and satisfying for both men and women.

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