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How ObamaCare Affected Me (So Far)

Written By: Dr. David J. Usher, M.D.  |  Posted: Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

            What do you want to be when you grow up?  This question is posed to children at the youngest of ages by parents, grandparents, friends and relatives.  It is entertaining to hear the answers, because so often, little kids' visions of their future is influenced by their toys, TV shows, commercials, games they've played, or perhaps what their parents do for a living.  Most 5 year olds won't have enough life experience to know what being a fireman really is like, or whether they will have the least desire to be a teacher, or police officer, a doctor, an astronaut, or even the president.

            If you ask most doctors why they went to medical school, the answer often will be some form of the statement "I like to help people".   "There are lots of ways to help people, why medical school?" you ask.  With this inquiry you will draw a slightly broader array of responses, many of which will fit under a few general ideas, and again hold true for most of my med school classmates: 

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