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Former AZ Sheriff Directs Traffic in NYC

Written By: Richard Mack  |  Posted: Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Ten years after one of the worst and most horrific attacks in American history, I found myself in the middle of New York City directing traffic. Yes, a former small-town Arizona sheriff, stood in the middle of one of the largest and busiest intersections in all Manhattan, telling a bunch of New Yorkers how to drive. (That in and of itself is a life and death proposition.) But in this moment of personal frustration I could not help it. I had to do something. I could not sit one moment longer in that stuffy old taxi.

                You see, this was New York City in rush hour traffic on Friday afternoon, where a trip from JFK Airport normally takes 30-40 minutes to Times Square. On September 9, 2011, it took three hours (no exaggeration). So after tolerating moving barely ten feet in 30 minutes I had had enough. I got out and slammed the door of the cab, and with my wife's approval, headed into the concrete jungle of New York determined to do something about this ridiculous traffic jam. If nothing else, at least I had the opportunity to stretch my legs for a minute.

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