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The Problem with Welfare as We Know it

Posted: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

When we hear the word "welfare" in America, we immediately think of people "on welfare." This type of person would be thought of as someone who was supported by the state financially, gets welfare stamps as well as other benefits and generally speaking is a person whose sense of responsibility is questionable. It also goes without saying that this type of person is socially stigmatized in our present day and age, right or wrong. I am afraid, then, that the whole discussion of welfare is eschewed almost immediately by most, due to the above association. Either get rid of the people on welfare, or show compassion and help them more. Both of these solutions are answers in our present day that lack balance unless correctly understood, resulting in more sober actions in regards to the needy. For myself, I have come to a definite conclusion. It is one that has come over much time and personal involvement in the lives of people in need. Public welfare, as we know it, is a bad thing, and the sooner we abandon its practice, the better off everyone will be, including the recipient.

Why is welfare as we know it bad? First, because it is wrong to take by force from one person and give to another in order to meet their needs, yet this is what our government does. Through taxation in various forms, we are, with threat of fine and imprisonment, forced to pay for the food, clothing, housing, medical care, child care and a host of others things for the people in our city. This is true of every city, village or town in America. The Bible still states "Thou shalt not steal." The problem is we think of a thief as someone sneaking onto our property to take what is not theirs. No, it is much more. The government steals when it takes what is not theirs. What would you think if a social worker came to your home with the local police accompanying them to take part of your food, then transported it to someone else's home in town to feed them?! You would be enraged. Well, that is what is happening every day in our city and all across America. Only it is a more subtle form of stealing. It is wrong for anyone to steal, the state included.

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