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Miracle in Thessaloniki

Written By: Dan Truitt  |  Posted: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

            That's the tongue in cheek headline from the Greek-language blog Ksipniste Re! (Wake Up Knuckleheads!). This article ties in to something Zoe was telling me a couple weeks ago about the beggars, mostly gypsies, one finds at many stoplights in Greece. They offer the standard services: windshield washing, tissue papers, or just getting out of your face for a small-denomination coin.

            Up till now we almost always gave something to these people, along with a tract. But Zoe told me that they are tightly controlled by organized by syndicates, and that they monopolize street corners and if you encroach on one of them without permission you would definitely be cruisin' for a bruisin'.  She said the report urged people to give nothing, since most of what they collected was taken from them anyway.

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