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Children's Corner - Duty and the Feast

Written By: Jim Swanson  |  Posted: Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Once there lived a servant girl named Cassandra. She worked in a large mansion for the Richten family. Cassandra was a diligent worker indeed, but no one seemed to pay much attention to her. She would work extra hard at scrubbing the bath tub, or cleaning the dirty pots after a meal, or polishing the mirror until not a spot was to be found. And she made every effort to have a cheery smile for everyone she met. But, as I said, no one seemed to notice her extra effort. However, when Rachel Richten was around, things were different. No one ceased to comment about her lovely clothes, her good manners, her beautiful hair, and her great mind. The more that Cassandra heard this, the more jealous she became. Soon she had no smile and, she lost the desire to do her best in everything.

It happened that Rachel Richten had a birthday on exactly the same day as Cassandra. Thus, you can imagine how Cassandra felt when Mrs. Richten approached her a couple of weeks before the big day. "Cassandra, " she said, "I have heard good things about your work in our home. Therefore, I am putting you in charge of a special surprise birthday party I am having next week. I want it to be the best we have ever had. Get the best of everything and make a meal, and a cake, that are fit for a king. We will have over 100 guests and I want them to be impressed."

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