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The Globalists' Arsenal in Their War on Our Property Rights

Posted: Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

I have been reluctant to represent the attacks on American property owners by globalists at the United Nations and their allies in non-governmental organizations, as a "war." I did not want to over sensationalize the subject, but the time has come to call it as I see it. This "war" on property rights is not being waged with military ordnance such as bombs and guns. The UN's weapons of choice are Comprehensive Planning, Smart Growth, and Sustainable Development all enforced through zoning ordinances. These global elitists are manipulating our locally elected township and county officials and the local bureaucrats like puppets on a string. Some of these officials may be wise to this "war" that is being waged on private property, but most, I think, are not. They are spoon fed faulty statistics by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) accredited by the United Nations to dupe county board supervisors, and state legislators to implement their agenda. One case in point follows. For many years we have all been lead to believe that due to "urban and suburban sprawl" agricultural land was being swallowed up all across our country, that the occupation of farming was in jeopardy, and that food shortages were inevitable. As a result farmland preservation acts were passed all over the country. Zoning ordinances were enacted to restrict millions of acres of farmland to agricultural use only. The farmer was not able to sell less than 35 acre parcels. He could not sell a five acre parcel to his child or a neighbor to build a house on it. Nor could he subdivide a parcel into several smaller lots for a housing development of any size. This devalued his property, and left him and his family with no choice but to sell the whole farm. His children, now unable to see the economic benefit of continuing to farm coupled with the disincentive of owning land controlled by the government through zoning, opted to pursue other occupations, and family farms previously passed down for generations fell into strangers' hands. Why were these zoning restrictions imposed upon land owners? They were imposed based upon misconstrued and misrepresented statistics. There is no shortage of farmland.

Urban and suburban sprawl was never a threat to the sustainability of farming. Our most densely populated states still have over 60% of their land in agriculture or undeveloped. Over 90% of our land remains undeveloped or in agriculture. (See the Heritage Foundation's study by Dr. Ronald D. Utt at U.S. Farmers continue to produce far more agricultural commodities than can be consumed by the world. Farmers continue to be paid to not grow crops. They continue to improve yields. According to the USDA's 1997 Natural Resource Inventory, "Urbanization and the increase in rural residences do not threaten the U.S. cropland base or the level of agriculture production at present or in the near term. Urbanization rates of increase are presently small...and other land can be shifted into cropland." From 1997 to 2003 there was only a 2% decline in cropland, but a 5% increase in the acres set aside in CRP, a federal program that pays farmers to take cropland out of production.

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